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Author Topic: How-to: S13 fuel pump install in a s12  (Read 2707 times)

Offline methylprop

How-to: S13 fuel pump install in a s12
« on: 10:08:06 PM / 18-May-14 »
This thread will cover how to install a S13 fuel pump in your S12.

Tools needed:
10mm socket
8mm socket
phillips screwdriver
flat head screwdriver
needle nose pliers
wire cutters
shop towels
6" fuel line

Optional tools needed:
solder iron
shrink wrap


2 crimp connectors
crimping tool

You will start of by removing the terminals from the battery and pulling the fuse for the fuel pump. This should relive any pressure in the lines.
Make sure to have a safe place to store all of you bolts and screws.

First off your fuel pump access cover is located in the right rear area of your trunk or hatch area under the carpet. Pull the carpet up and find the access cover.

There should be 4 philips head screws on each corner holding the cover down. If the pump has never been removed it will be partially covered by some foam tape. Remove the foam tape and remove this cover.
Underneath this cover you will find the S12's fuel pump housing. This is held in place by 6, 8mm bolts. One of them has a lead to a ground.
Mark the original position of the housing with a line using a marker for ease of re-installation.
There will also be 2 fuel hoses attached to this housing unit. 1 is a feed line and 1 is to return fuel. Remove the clamps holding the hoses on and slide them off. Mark the hoses if needed to remember there original location.
Remove the 8mm bolts and the housing should be ready to be pulled out. They can be kind of tricky to get out. Be gentle and patient while removing the housing.
Pull the pump housing out and set it on a towel and prepared for dis-assembly. Now would be a good time to cover the hole in the tank. I simply picked up my pump and laid my carpet back down.
There will be 3 10mm bolts holding the pump within the housing. Remove these bolts. With these bolts there is 2 rubber grommets per bolt. Make a mental note of their original positions.
There is 2 small philips screws securing the electrical leads to the pump remove those.
The feed hose is usually held in place by standard Nissan clamps. Loosen these clamps and slide the hose off from the top separating it from the housing.
The orange tube also needs to be removed. This will not be re-used so it can be tossed out.

Your s12 fuel pump can now be removed from it's housing.

I this photo my fuel level float is removed. This is not something you want or need to remove.

The next step is to prep the new S13 pump for installation.
The fuel hose that will come with the S13 pump's kit will not be long enough. Make sure to have a extra 6" piece of fuel hose ready. Attach the 6" hose to the s13 fuel pump.
The new pump should also have a foam sleeve that slides on the outside of the pump. That can be slid on now.
In your kit you will find a small white mesh filter. This will go on the bottom of the fuel pump. In your kit you also received a small metal retainer. This will be used to secure the filter onto the pump. You can use a flat head screwdriver to slide it into position.

Next remove the top insulator from the old s12 fuel pump. should look like this.

Slide that old S12 insulator onto the outside of the new S13 fuel pump. This will help the S13 pump fit snugly inside the housing. Similar to how it worked with the S12's pump.
In your kit you should have received 2 different rubber isolators that the fuel pump sits on.

You will want to use the shorter of the 2 rubber isolators. Set this piece in place on the bottom of the s13 pump and slide the new fuel pump into the base bracket of the S12's housing. you are now ready to install the pump back on to the housing.

Slide a clamp onto the fuel hose. Slide the hose into the tube on the hosing and tighten the hose clamp securely.
Your next step is to re-install the 3 10mm bolts that secure the base bracket to the housing. Make sure the rubber grommets are installed properly also.
Next you will be splicing in the new connector for the new fuel pump. Red to red and black to black.

Cut the old leads off the wires and slide the black covers off the wires.
The next step is personal preference. I solder every wire connection I make. You could use standard wire crimp connectors here. Do not twist the wires together and tape them.

Slide your shrink wrap tubes on the wires and solder your connections. When heating up your shrink wrap keep in mind you are 1 foot away from a open fuel tank. Make sure your tank is covered and you are in a well ventilated area.
Your new plug should be ready to plug into the pump.

You should now be ready to re-install the fuel pump housing into the tank.
Replace the 6 8mm bolts and make sure to re-install the ground.
Re-attach the 2 fuel fuel lines in there proper locations.
Re-install the top access cover and re-install the 4 philips screws that secure the cover.
re-install your fuse and battery terminals.

You are done!
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