Daily driver build!

Started by turbo-s12, 08:11:18 PM / 26-May-16

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Not as much progress as id like still having a hard time finding a driveline for the 5 speed swap.
Talked to david at experemental engineering if everything works out this build is going to turn out pretty neat.
Wont really be my daily if it does.
Btw im glad we have a guy like him in the s12 community that makes awesome custom parts for us


When all is perfect you need to stop by the clinic and take me for a little ride - please!!


Oh of course man! I dont know that itll ever be perfect though haha


Buffed and waxed looks a little better....Also put the wheels on finally
Will be ordering the rest of my parts for the 5 speed swap
Nothing too exciting


Really like those wheels - please bring them over to my house if you tire of them!!


Unfortunaly they are 5 lug so they wont fit on your s12:p


Well haven't done much but did buy some LED's and put them in, they are great!

Also picked up s13 front stuff with coils

Picked up a spare rebuilt VG for plans later on but we'll see when that happens:)


Any updates on this build?


Hey just curious, are the LED's car specific or did you just get some universal ones?


They will be h4s. Main thing to look out for fitting wise is that you have enough room for the heatsinks with your headlights.
I don't have leds in my s12 but i just put a set in my fazer and they are pretty great :).

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