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Author Topic: Japanese Classics of VA Meet  (Read 2234 times)

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Japanese Classics of VA Meet
« on: 09:10:54 PM / 30-Jul-14 »

Event is here:

You might have to be a member of the JCVA group to see it, but if you're in VA or a surrounding state, feel free to join!

Here's what's up on the page so far:

Saturday, September 13: 10am
G-Force Karts
4245 Carolina Ave
Richmond, VA 23222

I'm currently working out location details with GForce Karts. They have given us permission to use their lot, we just have to work out times. As of right now, I'm setting the time for 10am. That may change, but I'll be sure to keep this page updated.

This is a meet for people who love vintage Japanese steel, not a pissing contest. All attendees are expected to obey all traffic laws at all times. Burnouts, racing, drifting, excessive noise from revving or sound systems is absolutely not acceptable. If anyone violates this, you may be asked to leave the premises and/or banned from the group.

That out of the way, please post any suggestions/questions/concerns in the comments and either Mitchell or I will try and answer to the best we can!

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Offline NASAguy732

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Re: Japanese Classics of VA Meet
« Reply #1 on: 03:10:17 PM / 22-Aug-14 »
3 weeks, everybody!

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Re: Japanese Classics of VA Meet
« Reply #2 on: 10:17:26 PM / 11-Sep-14 »
As of right now we are still on for Saturday, but due to chance of rain we are setting a rain date for the following day, Sunday the 14th. Same time, same place. The final call will be made by midnight Friday night.

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Re: Japanese Classics of VA Meet
« Reply #3 on: 03:26:39 PM / 30-Sep-14 »
Here's my writeup with pics from this event:


Today we had the first Japanese Classics of VA (JCVA) meet at G-Force Karts in Richmond. As expected for our first meet, it was a relatively small turnout, but nevertheless it was a great time with some awesome people and sweet cars!

Brian brought out his awesome 1UZ-powered X8 Cressida, just one of several 1UZ-powered cars in his cool collection. You can see his V8 old Truck in the Fredericksburg Toyota Meet post!

Bobby and Shannon brought out their SW20 MR2′s, and I brought out my AW11.

This beautiful all-original SVX came out. These rare old birds don’t get enough recognition.

Flat 6 power! These things sound absolutely incredible with a free-breathing exhaust.

I’m really digging the yellow indicators and stickerbomb fender on this little NA Miata.

Variety is the spice of life! Toyota, Subaru, Mazda, Datsun!

Speaking of Datsun…..

This beautiful 240Z was looking great in orange.

Beautiful lines on these iconic sports cars.

It was packing an L28 from a 280Z. I bet this car is a blast to drive!

Many hours of polishing were put into the fantastic-looking stock wheels.

Ryan is selling a set, if anyone is interested!

Lots of MX5 presence. It is the best-selling roadster of all time, after all!

Ermagherd, Merzder!

British racing green with gold meshies, a hard top, and a lowered stance is a winning recipe.

Tan interior with Nardi wood trim. Possibly one of my all-time favorite stock interiors.

The license plate explains it all. I still can’t believe it wasn’t already taken!

Mazdspeed wheels are the perfect look for the FC.

Such Mazda! Very zoom zoom. Wow.

The S2000 is like a bigger, badder brother to the Miata. While it may be a little too new to be considered a classic just yet, I have no doubt that these cars will be very sought after in the future, a future-classic.

Nissan, Toyota, and Mitsubishi!

S12′s are Nissan’s little-known cousin to the AE86. It’s nice that they are starting to get a bigger following!

I’m so glad Enkei is bringing back some of their vintage designs. The Apache II looks great on boxy 80′s cars!

Allen’s MA70 is packing an awesome Aristo-sourced 2JZ-GTE swap. A little more work and this thing will be a hard-hitting speed demon!

I was really happy to see some Mitsubishi power come out. This thing sounded mean!

Mitchell’s Celica is often mistaken for an AE86. Also owning a white 86, Mitchell’s “86 Owners” sticker confuses people even more!

And as a super extra special treat….

…an awesome R32 Skyline GTR showed up fashionably late!

Dat flared fender….

If this isn’t classic, I don’t know what is.

I like JDM butts and I cannot lie….

Is there anything better than a turbocharged inline-six? I submit that there is not.


That’s about it for my coverage! It was a fun meet. Hopefully next time it will be even bigger and better!

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Re: Japanese Classics of VA Meet
« Reply #4 on: 06:25:40 PM / 04-Jun-15 »
When is the next meet in Richmond VA