Started by gsr27, 10:00:42 PM / 07-Sep-14

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Hey guys I'm new here, and am planning to get an s12 here in the next couple months. I want to do a swap as long as its not a V6 model. And I'm wondering which would you consider to be the easier swap/ more reliable engine I'm debating between a sr20det and a ca18det. I'm not as much worried about the ease of the swap as much as the reliability because it's going to be a track car. I've done tons of reading on here and plan to until I buy the car but wanted to get opinions from you guys with experience thanks.


SR20DET has a lot more aftermarket support, and it is easier to get OE parts for.  Generally they'll be more reliable as they are newer also.

CA18DET still has the cool factor to go with it though.


Thanks, I kind of worked through it on my own reading tons of threads on here, I'm going with an s14 sr. Plus I have lots of friends with sr20det 240's so I'll have some good help from them as well.thanks for your input though.



That harness will work on the s12?


If you splice the 4-8 connections it needs to run correctly...yes.


Awesome thanks guys