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Author Topic: 88SE hatch build  (Read 2546 times)

Offline Frenchy308

88SE hatch build
« on: 07:43:35 PM / 20-Oct-16 »
I picked up an 88 SE 200sx in trade a year ago, the goal of the project is to make a road legal drift car. The car came to me as a roller no engine and the interior was stripped and stuffed in the back of it, ive sense got a freshly rebuilt ka24de and 5speed and got that installed and tubbed the engine bay. Enough babbling heres the car. s13 front suspension conversion and BC rear springs.

old junk out

new in

stock steering angle

Pow look at all that angle i can dangle with! Drift knuckles from , s13 lowers and ball joints extended 1.5" (3" total gain in front track with), BC coil kit

10-21-16 Update: finishing wiring in engine bay and starting the cluster fabrication.

Completed cluster. I used black kydex for the panel, its a durable thermal plastic (heat it and mold it to what you need. Im using a tablet to run rpm, water temp, volt meter VIA bluetooth obd2 reader also speed using the tablets gps. Running torque pro paired with racingmeter plugin. have to run physical gauges for fuel and oil pressure as the ecu dosent have sensors for those. also have turn signal and high beam led indicators installed.

Cut the spare tire section of the floor out and folded up a steel box and welded it in.

Fuel cell is in and plumed. Il make a fire cover for it to separate the cell from the cabin.

Got all the needed stuff connected for 1st fire up and boy dose it sound good.sounds like a rally car and pops when you let up.

Heres some video of the gauges, it has some latency but im working on it.

i have a few more things to do befor i drive it but its getting there!

il post updates, if any one wants info or on stuff used lemme know i can take more pictures if you need.
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Offline my12

Re: 88SE hatch build
« Reply #1 on: 08:28:50 AM / 21-Oct-16 »
NICE! Very nice, are you going to keep your KA24 N/A or are you going to add a turbo later down the road?

Offline Frenchy308

Re: 88SE hatch build
« Reply #2 on: 01:03:19 PM / 21-Oct-16 »
The guy i bought it off had it set up to ka-t (its got a turbo drain atleast). eventually i will but im way over budget already lol. estimated $4000 in and thats with no rims or rubber yet. Im borrowing the rims that are on it now.