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Author Topic: Ca18et mutated with a DET  (Read 849 times)

Offline Swedishdatsunlover

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Ca18et mutated with a DET
« on: 02:47:12 PM / 28-Feb-15 »
Hello guys! Im going to do a little build here in sweden and i want to know your thoughts on this project
So here it is!

Ca18et with a DET bottom that will have some other rods and pistons and some better bearings etc.
DET throttlebody, rebuilt DET top mount manifold and a GT35 anti surge ball bearing turbo
S13 front suspension

Now is there anything more you would add here because i might have forgotten something!


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Offline spiderwebfx

Re: Ca18et mutated with a DET
« Reply #1 on: 03:47:44 PM / 28-Feb-15 »
May as well use the DET head and just swap a motor straight into it.

Offline Swedishdatsunlover

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Re: Ca18et mutated with a DET
« Reply #2 on: 08:00:36 PM / 28-Feb-15 »
No, might as Wall get a s13 if i want a DET, wanna go with the 8v

Offline IggyEGuana

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Re: Ca18et mutated with a DET
« Reply #3 on: 07:45:28 PM / 03-Mar-15 »
cool stuff ok. I get you. Old school car, old school motor. I run a ca20et so believe me I'm not a hater. First thing, the 8v head has really crappy airflow compared to basically any other Nissan engine AND it cant be revved very high expecting much reliability. With that in mind you'll want to design your build to be quick spooling and focus on mid range power. Even if you threw caution to the wind there is NO WAY the 8v head will ever flow enough air to produce enough power to warrant aftermarket internals in the ca18det block. my advice for the build?

stock ca18det bottom end
arp head studs
stock ca18et head
custom adjustable cam gear (tune cam timing later on dyno)
custom tubular log exhaust manifold, t25 flange
ball bearing t28 turbo (example s14 gt28rs)
small intercooler
standalone ecu, sensors replaced to work with new ecu, custom crank trigger wheel setup

fast spooling 260-280hp

Good luck

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