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Author Topic: My Fiarlady Silvia  (Read 1008 times)

Offline my12

My Fiarlady Silvia
« on: 10:55:57 AM / 23-Mar-15 »
So on Friday went out for a drive and my my brakes started to feel really funny. The pedal started to get spongier and spongier until my brakes wouldn't respond anymore (lucky for me at this point i was pulling into the driveway). So got out and started to check my brakes and this is what I found. So I cleaned the off and rebuild all 4 calipers since all 4 had junk in them. Bled out the system which came out looking like ice tea which is really bad. So luckily everything works just fine now. Will add pictures in awhile.   
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Re: My Fiarlady Silvia
« Reply #2 on: 10:49:43 AM / 26-Mar-15 »
Word to the wise:

You can post images directly by encapsulating the direct image url in
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[img] tags. For example,
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[img][/img] grants:

Secondly, I recommend checking out Imgur for your image hosting needs. Photobucket has gotten to be a pain in the ass, for everyone involved. Imgur is easy to use, free, and doesn't full of bullshit.
Nah, quoted for future use because not only is it lame and old, but it's a direct link to Schizo posting up homoerotic menswear fanfiction.
zololn: wheres the check engine light on the s12?