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Author Topic: My Pic's  (Read 3163 times)

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My Pic's
« on: 09:57:57 PM / 25-Mar-15 »
As promised here are some pictures of my S12. She's from 1987 and I believe she has the V6 engine and to my understanding she's as stock as they come, as i've worked to bring her up to Virginia standards i've found a few unconventional fixes... [Pretty sure some mechanic somewhere fooled the original owner...] Other than that to my understanding I'm her second owner, though she did do a short stint at a dealership were @___@ I feel they did a number on the poor car by running it with practically zero brake fluid, power steering and questionable amount of oil... Thankfully I haven't found any lasting effects of that sad period of this car.



Engine Bay;

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Re: My Pic's
« Reply #1 on: 07:09:30 AM / 26-Mar-15 »
Nice! I have one just like it!