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Author Topic: FNG - Any Florida meets?  (Read 761 times)

Offline Micah

FNG - Any Florida meets?
« on: 01:52:15 PM / 26-Mar-15 »
Hello gents.  I am new to the forum and I was just wondering what kinds of things I can do around here to be a productive member.  I have already posted some pics in the new member area and started a garage page, which I will be updating as new service is performed.  Other than that I am just waiting to see if there are any meets coming close to the north Florida area.  What else is goin' down? 

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Re: FNG - Any Florida meets?
« Reply #1 on: 11:30:16 PM / 26-Mar-15 »
I'm having a meet in August but, you will have to drive to San Diego.  I'm sure that clean S12 of yours can easily make it across country.  Besides, your going to want to spend some time on our beaches.  We have some of the best!

Offline Micah

Re: FNG - Any Florida meets?
« Reply #2 on: 10:33:19 AM / 27-Mar-15 »
Yea she's definitely road worthy for the trip, I've been to Texas and back twice already with literally zero problems (knock on wood), but at the moment I'm workin' 6 day shifts at a Harley-Davidson dealer so it would be hard to break away for a long period during the peak season.  I appreciate the thought, and if anyone knows of anything going on on the East Coast I'll be keeping an eye out!