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Author Topic: What up, family?  (Read 719 times)

Offline Micah

What up, family?
« on: 12:19:22 PM / 27-Mar-15 »
So I was getting gas last night, and this happened...

That's my 86' s-12 next to his absolutely cherry 89' Sentra.  That car had only 68,000 original miles and was owned by a very awesome gentleman in his mid-70's.  We had some coffee and a smoke and gave pretty much a full inspection and run-down on eachothers' vehicle, and shot the shit for about an hour before a few other other people gassing up cars started gathering for the discussion.  Not something you see every day by any means, and I gave him my card in case he ever decides to get rid of her (which I highly doubt).  Anyway, just thought I wold share this little bucket of awesome with you all!
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Re: What up, family?
« Reply #1 on: 10:43:02 AM / 29-Mar-15 »