Bogging under boost

Started by cmichael818, 11:17:56 PM / 27-Apr-15

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Should run at 1-1100 at cold start up and drop down to normal idle speed at warm up if the part if working correctly


It runs at ~1000 on startup, drops to 500 and runs rich (I'm assuming, if I try to give it gas, it dies out), then goes back up to 1000 after a few minutes


I have had that symptom in mine on occasion. It makes it really hard to get out of the neighborhood when it pulls that routine. It only happens for a short timespan, then goes back to starting normally. Never found the exact cause yet. Feed it some Seafoam, that cures many evils.


Ah yes, Seafoam. The perverbial cure-all of the car world. I didn't even think of that


Took the 200 in for the oil leak and decided to have them check out my startup issue as well. If they figure it out, I'll pass on the information


Just gonna comment in case anyone else is struggling with something similar. I had the same problem and fixed it by replacing the o2 sensor.