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Author Topic: Can you tune your gear ratios with a stock automatic gear box computer?  (Read 2175 times)

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basically my car has no power in 2nd, 1st is amazing, 2nd is more like 3rd imo. The power is mostly in the 5000 rpm in 2nd, I would have to red line in 1st  to even come close to getting full power from 2nd.  compared all of the gears power band or what ever its called, 2nd is horrible HORRIBLE!(its like a normal acceleration, dosnt really bog, but i will run more tests to see) does this have to do with my high fuel pressure? it is at 45psi, im already troubleshooting on another topic on s-12. Also what will high fuel pressure do at high rpms? is there a chance for damage or does it actually help?
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Off topic but WELCOME to a fellow WA S12 owner!!

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Auto computer you could potentially change shift points, so it hold the gear longer, but no... You can't change the ratio with out physically changing the gears in the transmission.
Also changing the shift points may be an issue, since no one tunes these automatics.

I guess the simple answer would be... Manual swap.

High fuel pressure could be an issue, it may be causing it to run way rich and lose power.
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Thanks for the welcome! i thought this was the subforum :/

Thanks for the info seishuku, just was wondering if i could do anything about it :( hopefully ill fix the high fuel pressure and it'll go away. i do love manuals :)