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Author Topic: help me figure some stuff out  (Read 910 times)

Offline great.gonz

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help me figure some stuff out
« on: 11:06:51 AM / 12-May-15 »
i have a 1985 nissan s12 i bought it stock and im in the process of a ka24de swap problem is i  bought the ka as an automatic and converting it to manual i have already bought the flywheel but what eles would i need ??i know i will be needing to buy a clutch but would i need anything eles. and also what kind of body kits would fit ?? i will be parting out my old engine if interested in anything dont be afraid to ask. thank you :)

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Offline Prolowtone

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Re: help me figure some stuff out
« Reply #1 on: 05:08:38 PM / 14-May-15 »
If you are looking for body kits and bolt ons this may not be the chassis for you. If you browse the KA section of engine tech for the answers, they are all there. as im sure you could also google the auto to manual swap or look on the s13 forums

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Re: help me figure some stuff out
« Reply #2 on: 07:42:28 PM / 14-May-15 »
You're in the wrong forum. Check the KA subforum. It has everything you need to know.

Except the body kit stuff. All you need to know about that is, none exists. What are you 17?
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