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Author Topic: 1986 Turbo hatch  (Read 1857 times)

Offline Shanes1233

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1986 Turbo hatch
« on: 09:05:52 PM / 13-May-15 »
So I picked this stock turbo hatch a few weeks back for $1250 towed to me due to it having some issues. It ran ok, but sometimes on three cylinders, and the idle was rather funky. When you would let off the gas to shift, it would idle up to about 5 grand then slowly drop. Not all the time though. It still does it, I have been tracking the issue since.

Today I changed the plugs and threw in a used but good set of ngk wires. Upon pulling the spark plugs, I discovered that one plug on the exhaust side was one heat range higher than the rest, and same thing on the intake side as well. Another thing that kind of had my attention was the discoloration on the plugs. But then again, the car sat for almost a year before I got it and lord knows how long those plugs had been in the car.

So after getting the new plugs and wires in I decided to remove the cruise control and delete some vacuum hoses that are no longer needed. Next is the charcoal canister, egr system, pop up valve and ac system. I am also removing all components with care and complete so that I can either sell them to another s12 enthusiast that needs them or incase I decide to toss them back in. I dont use ac or cruise really at all though unless its in the daily family rig.

Also makes it a tad easier for the next time I go to replace plugs.

Last thing I did before having to leave the garage was clean up the Nissan Turbo badge on the valve cover.

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Offline burritomannn

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Re: 1986 Turbo hatch
« Reply #1 on: 01:17:58 AM / 28-May-15 »
Picked up my mark I turbo for the same price!