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Author Topic: Hey guys! I'm in Iceland now!  (Read 910 times)

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Hey guys! I'm in Iceland now!
« on: 07:39:01 PM / 02-Jun-15 »
So after a crazy year or so of up and downs and figuring out life, I've moved back to my roots and the motherland to be closer to my family, help my father in his businesses, and make my future.  I was tired of my struggles in Florida with my chosen career (paramedic) and felt the urge to return to the snow.  In the process I had to get out of the car game completely.  I don't have my tools here yet so I can't tinker on anything which is driving me crazy.  I sold my beloved s12 earlier this year and did a fire sale of my stuff to a few of you guys.  Big props to cajunguy for buying up a bunch of my stuff when he came by while he was family vacationing nearby.  He got killer deals on everything as I was just a week away from flying off.  A little pocket money for stuff I was jsut holding onto and helping out a fellow s12 enthusiast. 

So, I am back in the land of fire and ice.  So much if different here compared to Florida (obviously the weather and temperature) but also just people, the view, etc.  I use to only visit for summer growing up but now it is all switched around and I am reconnecting with my Icelandic self that has been cooked by the Florida sun for so many years.  Ill be making visits in the winter or springs to Florida to see my brother, make sure he hasn't wrecked our house, and so on.  Plus a nice escape from the chill.  Speaking of chill, this last winter in Iceland was the worst in 20 years.  Snow all over, so much that my little town (pop 1300ish) would be isolated for days at a time due to such crazy weather.  This last winter was so bad that a 40 foot Eimskip freight container was blown off the harbor and into the water.  Everyone in town got to see it floating around the fjord. haha

What am i doing here now?  I help manage a hostel/apartments for my father, and I run a small bar/cafe/restaurant here in town.  More details on all that stuff later as its a lot to explain.  I think this could be an adventures in north Iceland thread through a locals eyes. 

I'll upload pictures of the awesome scenery and what not later as I dont feel like screwing with uploading to photobucket right now, but check out what I commandeered from a warehouse my father has behind our house:

Thing is around 70 years old or something!

Ive got about a dozen hours of flux core welding experience under my belt.  This thing still works too.  The warehouse use to be a semitruck mechanics building.  Cleared out when the last owner left it but somethings were left behind  :yay!:  I have no idea what to expect suddenly moving up to a good old stick welder.  Never used one but might as well use it.  Tips on it and what to expect?
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Re: Hey guys! I'm in Iceland now!
« Reply #1 on: 09:16:25 PM / 02-Jun-15 »
Hey dude! I'm glad you made it home ok, thanks again for the killer deals! We had a great mini vacation over there, will likely do it again in the Fall. I wish you the best, keep in touch with us, educate us on your new world. I for one am ignorant of Iceland, other than to know you guys have lots of volcanoes and hot springs around. I did study geothermal energy in high school, and that was when I discovered your country and it's special sources for this. It was real nice meeting you!