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Author Topic: Japanese Classics of VA BBQ Meet & Greet 7/11/15  (Read 3840 times)

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Japanese Classics of VA BBQ Meet & Greet 7/11/15
« on: 09:00:02 AM / 26-Jun-15 »

Hey guys I know it's short notice but Japanese Classics of VA is having a BBQ Meet & Greet on Saturday, July 11. I hope you guys can make it!

What: Grilling food, hanging out, and playing cornhole!

When: Saturday, July 11, 2015

Where: G-Force Karts
4245 Carolina Ave
Richmond, VA 23222

We will have a (probably small) grill set up to cook burgers and hot dogs. We will take volunteers to bring food, condiments, plates, etc.

If you plan on racing some karts (which I recommend, GForce rules!), make sure to bring closed-toed shoes with you!

Please bring an EZ-up style canopy if you have one, as we will need all the shade we can get!

All of our events so far have gone very smoothly and without incident, and I'd like to see that trend continue with this meet. No burnouts, no excessively loud sound systems, no excessive revving, no racing. Just be smart and be respectful of those around you and of the venue.

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JCVA on Facebook:

JCVA Website:

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Re: Japanese Classics of VA BBQ Meet & Greet 7/11/15
« Reply #1 on: 11:01:59 PM / 25-Jul-15 »
Here's my writeup of the event. Original article is here:


Mother Nature is not a friend to JCVA it would seem. Our first ever meet back in September ’14 was a damp drizzly day, so we had hopes that we might get lucky with a June date. Unfortunately severe thunderstorms forced us to push the date back a few weeks, and then it rained on the rain date too! We just can’t win.

Luckily, we had several people bring canopies so we were able to stay dry while we grilled up some burgers.

After an hour or two, the rain subsided and we were finally able to walk around and check out everyone’s cars.

Billy even fit some newly-wrapped cornhole boards in the trunk of his S13!

We had a pretty diverse group of cars. 4WD vehicles, wagons, Japanese imports, we had it all!

Ryan was the first to arrive in his S12.

Billy brought out his S13 track car. It’s a build in progress, and it must have been interesting driving through the rain on NT01’s!

Pierce’s Isuzu Trooper 2 door made an appearance, it’s first at a JCVA meet. I love short wheelbase offroaders!

Mitchell’s imported AE86 was a big hit as always. The sound of the Solex side drafts is one of the best noises ever. Also, the car is for sale if anyone is interested!

Travis’s old school Honda Civic racer was out in the weather, even though it has no side windows!

I bet this car is a ton of fun to thrash around a track.

Chris’s menacing gray Z32 made an appearance. The quality of work that goes into his cars is fantastic. Check out his shop if you are a Z enthusiast.

My dad even brought out my mom’s ultra-clean, ultra-stock SC400.

Even with all the seriously cool cars present, Eric’s incredible 1UZ-swapped MX32 Cressida stole the show.

With the LS400-sourced V8, this car packs a punch that matches the beautiful sound burbling from the exhaust.

Towards the end of the day, a few stragglers rolled in, including this cool imported Nissan Cefiro.

Although not a Japanese car, Alex’s JDM-style Chevy S10 is always draws some attention.

And even though it’s not a classic, everybody turned to see what was making all the noise when this insane Honda CRV. With an amalgamation of K-series parts and big turbo, this modest-looking SUV was putting down 450 horsepower to all 4 wheels!

Despite the rainy weather, everyone seemed to have a good time.

That’s about it for my coverage of the BBQ meet. Our next event is Rollin' Up the Blue Ridge Vol. 5 on October 3!

Bonus images below