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Author Topic: Hi from Switzerland...  (Read 1264 times)

Offline BadRobot

Hi from Switzerland...
« on: 06:25:57 AM / 12-Jul-15 »
Hello from the heart of europe,

My name is Remo and i'm 29ys old,
I always liked older cars more because of their spirit and soul in them.
And one day i found an astonishing good S12 at a friends place and i fell totally in love with it.
It was in such good shape i had to buy it and luckily he was willing to sell it.
Now i it's mine and i want to put a bit more sportiness and stiffness in it, cause it's a bit like driving a boat. ;)

btw: your awesome S12-Board already helped me a lot, thank you in advance!  :idea:

Greetings BadRobot

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Offline sideways_s12

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Re: Hi from Switzerland...
« Reply #1 on: 11:30:21 AM / 12-Jul-15 »
Welcome  to the club man, That's a clean s12 you got! Be sure to check out the Club-s12. org facebook page You'll meet a lot of people there from all over. If you are just looking for information this site has it all! Just look around a bit as a lot of stuff is buried. Any question you could think to ask about our cars has, I'm sure been answered in one of the threads. Have fun, good luck, and happy wrenching!

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Re: Hi from Switzerland...
« Reply #2 on: 06:14:29 AM / 13-Jul-15 »
Welcome!  That is one of the cleanest S12s I've seen in a while.
I was afraid all the five gallon buckets of pain stacked four high were going to fall over

Offline DirtDeekler

Re: Hi from Switzerland...
« Reply #3 on: 04:07:39 PM / 28-Jul-15 »
welcome! and i have to say your car looks amazing! haha
is that s13 yours as well?? and i really really would love to know the paint code for your two tone if at all possible.