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Author Topic: Pics from East Coast S12 meet in Carlisle PA July 18th  (Read 2598 times)

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Pics from East Coast S12 meet in Carlisle PA July 18th
« on: 09:59:47 PM / 31-Jul-15 »
I already put these pics in my build thread but I figure it would be better over here. On July 18th there was a big tuner culture car show called Carlisle Performance & Style. They do this every year in Carlisle, PA. Its a 3 day tuner takeover of an otherwise small Pennsylvania town. Next to the show on Saturday and Sunday there is an Auto-X and Drift practice hosted by NicoClub. We had 3 S12s and 4 owners there. 2 of us drifted. Theres the back story. Now heres the pics.

We're doing another S12 drift/meet in Sept. Check it out.

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