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Author Topic: 1986 Nissan 200SX CA20E/CA18ET Self-Diagnosis Procedure  (Read 2443 times)

Offline dustins12

Figured I'd make this little thread to help people out. In the process of trying to look this up myself, there was a lot of wrong information being given out. Anyways, here we go.


1. Verify that diagnosis mode selector is turned "OFF" or fully counterclockwise.
2. Turn Ignition Switch to "ON" position.
3. Make sure that inspection lamps on control unit stay "ON". (bulb check)
4. Turn Diagnosis Mode selector "ON" or fully clockwise.
5. Wait til LED lights flash 3 times (Mode III/Self-Diagnosis), then immediately turn knob counterclockwise.
     a. Red LED is 10's
     b. Green LED is  single digits
     c. (ie. 4 Red, 1 Green = Code 41)
6. To exit diagnosis mode, turn knob fully clockwise.
7. Wait for LED's to flash once (Mode I), then immediately turn knob counterclockwise.
8. Turn Ignition to "OFF" position.


11- Crank Angle Sensor
12- Air Flow Meter Circuit
13- Water Temp. Sensor
21- Ignition Signal
22- Fuel Pump
23- Throttle Valve Switch (Idle Switch)
24- Transmission Switch
31- F.I.C.D. System (with A/C- Malfunction. w/o A/C- Operating Properly)
32- Starter Signal
34-Detonation  Sensor
41- Air Temp. Sensor
44- E.F.I./E.C.C.S. Is Operating Properly

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