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Author Topic: Project Stab in the dark [Autotragic/VG30]  (Read 960 times)

Offline Twilightriku

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Project Stab in the dark [Autotragic/VG30]
« on: 02:42:41 PM / 09-Dec-15 »
Winter is rolling in and with it more time in my painfully tight schedule, meaning I get to give some love to my VG. Right now I just want to get it rolling instead of being a nice fixture in the parking lot. As the project name painfully implies I am shooting blind. I have messed around my cars in the past little thing here and there, but most of my car where of the German inclination where over engineering is common, I’m hoping that the design language is something I can tackle with my limited skill.

With introductions pushed to a side, I don’t plan on turning my car into some sort of drift missile; I know that I don’t have the resources in order to do a full on restoration nor am I deluded enough to believe I can. Any advice on how should I move forward I will appreciate. I do have some plans.

-Switch lights with LED, I honestly don’t care about making it brighter, but less strain on the almost 30th year old wiring would be amazing.

-PRW-2  Mod

-Eventually rewire the car…

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Offline Cajun1guy

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Re: Project Stab in the dark [Autotragic/VG30]
« Reply #1 on: 02:47:02 PM / 09-Dec-15 »
Sounds like a good start, welcome to the fold. The VG is a great strong engine and I enjoy mine to the max. It's a daily drive, and it does well at that. I have a PRW-2 to install myself, can't wait to see the difference. If you need parts see S12-Lifer on here, he is a great source of parts!

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Re: Project Stab in the dark [Autotragic/VG30]
« Reply #2 on: 03:00:25 PM / 09-Dec-15 »
What is preventing it from starting?

PWR-2 is a good mod, the motor is fairly simple after the multiple times I have dissembled it now.
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Offline Twilightriku

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Re: Project Stab in the dark [Autotragic/VG30]
« Reply #3 on: 05:44:42 AM / 22-Dec-15 »
Thanks for the heads up. When I first acquired her, she drove a good 200 miles mostly highway home, and boy did she purred, sadly after that maiden voyage her trips have been short spins around the parking lot. The engine starts but somewhere I've yet to pinpoint something is leaking oil like nobodies business, last thing I need is to murder the car due to lack of oil...

I'm in the process of cleaning the engine bay and probably refresh all the plastic lines after all she practically bled herself dry already why waste the chance. Once that is done refill and observe, I have a nagging feeling the rack and pinion have something to do with the leak, yet at the same time I feel like I'm missing something.

Engine pick from before I started cleaning.