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Author Topic: How to install aftermarket seats with original brackets  (Read 1419 times)

Offline gticarlsson

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I have purchased a pair of Recaro sr6  seats for my s12 and i thought that i could share how i installed them in my car.
I dont know if anyone have done this the way i have, but it went really smooth actually, and its always nice to have the original seat brackets  :yay!:
As i am Swedish i have to excuse any typo and i will show you everything in the metric sytem.
Before i started this i had already fitted the driving seat because i didnt know if it was going to work so this "guide" is for the passenger seat but it just the same on the driver seat  :yes:

First of all remove the original seat which sits with 4 12size bolts.

Then remove the brackets (also 12)

Remove this shit thing using a skrewdriver

I got my seats with brackets, but as they are useless i removed them for fitting the originals.

The holes on the seat and the hole on the org brackets are not the same so i had to measure the lenght which was aproximently 30cm.

Then you have to point out where you need to drill. I used the stock front hole and drilled one in the back.

Then i looked if it fitted and it did  :yay!:

Then as you may know, the s12 "seatground" is not flat and you need to have som kind of spacers for the seat to become even.
I found these at my work, they are made of brass and are 1,25 cm.

I used 4 of these shown on the drivers seat and 6.5cm m8 bolts to fit them

When i did this the first on the drivers seat i thought i now was ready to fit them, BUT I WAS NOT :reallysad:
The width one the stock seats and the new was not the same.
I dont remember the difference but it was like 2 or 3 cm so i was really mad at first.
But then i came up with this idea:
You cut up the stock holes on the brackets, front and rear to let the brackets slide to fitment.
So for the bracket on the right side you cut up the holes to your right, and the left bracket you cut up to the left
Some photos of what i mean:

Put on the brackets and the spacers

I hade some problems fitting the thing(dont know the word) to adjust your seat
So i used the ones i got one the brackets for the recaros but you can securely mod the stock ones

Now the fun part. if everything is done correctly your seats should fit like a glove (otherwise you have to adjust the holes a little)
so just bolt them back using stock bolts.

Last thing, sit down in your new seats for a while and enjoy as the happiest s12 owner in the world for the moment  :yay!: :grinwink:

Hope someone can use this who wants to use stock brackets =)
Again sorry for bad english  :rolleyes2:

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Re: How to install aftermarket seats with original brackets
« Reply #1 on: 05:51:29 PM / 21-Feb-16 »
Nicely done and a quality post to show the work. Cheers.

Online iceageg

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Re: How to install aftermarket seats with original brackets
« Reply #2 on: 08:55:14 PM / 21-Feb-16 »
Love it.  Very similar to the way I put XT-6 seats in my 84 Subaru hatch.  I did mine with what I had laying around so it wasn't nearly as artful as yours.  Thanks for posting it!
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