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Author Topic: LSD Options for R200 Longnose  (Read 3508 times)

Offline dustins12

LSD Options for R200 Longnose
« on: 09:40:17 AM / 08-Mar-16 »
So, I know that to use the R200 Longnose from the S12 and use it as an LSD, you need an S13 LSD designed for the open diff and the axles to suit the open diff. I wanna know what different companies offer a LSD for the S13 besides the obvious like Kaaz and Cusco, if there are any others.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: LSD Options for R200 Longnose
« Reply #1 on: 02:59:12 PM / 08-Mar-16 »
Os giken, orc, nismo
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Offline citikas

Re: LSD Options for R200 Longnose
« Reply #3 on: 02:09:28 PM / 09-Mar-16 »
I used LSD Differential from Patrol C200.

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Re: LSD Options for R200 Longnose
« Reply #4 on: 08:04:24 PM / 09-Mar-16 »
obx isn't bad either... my buddy is running one in his s30 and e loves it you do have to flip some of the shims in the diff  before installing but from what I hear it's easy...

Offline dustins12

Re: LSD Options for R200 Longnose
« Reply #5 on: 11:48:55 AM / 12-Mar-16 »
I've thought about the OBX one, but I read mixed reviews on it. I don't drift my car, I just like to have fun on the twisties with it, but I don't wanna deal with a welded either. I may have to try the OBX out for myself and see how it does. Thanks for all your help guys.
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