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Author Topic: Why Does Wheel Shopping Have To Be Such A Pain In The Ass?  (Read 1401 times)

Offline weitrhino

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Seriously! Why is this such a grueling task?

So many sites with drop-down menus for wheel fitment either don't even recognize the S12 exists or like on eBay constantly tell you a wheel won't fit. I like the look of the 7 inch Drag DR20 in black but all I can find are 0 offset and with that the calculators say I'll need 48mm more on the outside. My suspension is stock S12 but 48mm sounds like a lot to give especially up front. The wheel being an inch wider than stock suggests going with a 205 tire so I worry about rub. I'm not about to roll the fenders or add flairs to this car.

So right now I'm sitting on the donut in the rear. Yup, got a flat at the grocery a few days ago and had to throw it on there. The tires are pretty much done anyway so I know I'll replace the set, but why buy tires and then later buy wheels?

The big tire chain here is about to have their Memorial Day sale and on a full set of wheels and tires I could save up to $375, not chicken feed.

I feel stuck.
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Offline deucekazoo

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Re: Why Does Wheel Shopping Have To Be Such A Pain In The Ass?
« Reply #1 on: 01:21:23 PM / 25-May-16 »
I know how you feel. I usually use TireRack for my tires and when I went to look up my 86 it did not list the 200sx. But it does list if for all the other years, (84, 85, 87,88). I don't know if its a glitch or if the wheel set up is different. I think they are all the same in those years but I could be wrong. I think the V6 200sxs are different. Try searching for a different year to see if you get more options. I am looking at getting the Enkei classics in gold. I like the way that looks. I want something with a deep dish to it. I don't like the way the wheels look when they are all wheel on the outside. I miss the dish these days.
Let us know what you find out or get.

Offline DjayS12

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Re: Why Does Wheel Shopping Have To Be Such A Pain In The Ass?
« Reply #2 on: 09:24:35 AM / 02-Jun-16 »
the first set of wheel I ever fitted on my car were DR20 15X7 0et and the fitted perfect... you might need a little bit of camber up front or a slight pull.