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Author Topic: interchangebility of parts among CA engines  (Read 4576 times)

Offline CzechSilvia

interchangebility of parts among CA engines
« on: 02:00:49 AM / 01-Jun-16 »

I have a cracked CA18ET cylinder head but they are awfully hard to get where I live so I'm searching for a solution.

The CA20 engines are more common and from what I understand the CA20E cylinder head should be identical to CA18ET so that's a possibility. Also the CA20E camshaft is supposed to be more aggressive so it could even be considered as an upgrade...

Well, the question is what about a CA20S? I recently found an ad about a Bluebird with this engine on a scrapyard. Is the cylinder head also identical? What about the camshaft? -same as CA20E or same as CA18ET or completely different?

UPDATE: ok, I did some research and the CA cylinder head from a fwd car like a Bluebird will not fit in S12 engine bay because the distributor is placed differently. Well, sadly it seems I answered my own question...
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