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Author Topic: getting new clutch  (Read 746 times)

Offline CzechSilvia

getting new clutch
« on: 03:36:53 AM / 29-Aug-16 »

My '85 Silvia with CA18ET has a slipping clutch so my next project is changing it. Someone here recommended the XTD clutch for S13 CA18DET and since these should be direct bolt-on and are really affordable I'll probably go with that but the thing is, I don't know which one of the 3 stages to pick. Eventually, I plan to get some more power from the engine than what's stock but nothing too serious, I would be more than happy with 150-160hp.

The XTD clutch stages 1-3 don't differ much in price so I wouldn't mind paying for the stage 3 but is there also a downside to picking higher stage over the lower ones? Which stage should I pick?
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UPDATE: Alright, I've been reading into differences between organic, kevlar and ceramic disk plates and so far it seems to me that although having a kevlar or ceramic clutch sounds a lot cooler, I will be better off with the stage one which is organic. What do you guys think?
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But what do I know? All I know about cars I learned from youtube...