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Author Topic: High beams always on!  (Read 646 times)

Offline Frenchy308

High beams always on!
« on: 08:50:50 PM / 08-Jan-17 »
I just hooked up the battery to my 88 S12 project and the high beams came on with the key off. I tryed  the switch and the popup switch. I have power to r/l and r/y at the bulbs, the 2 headlight relays the or/b have power and when i remove one relay one light gose out but when i plug it in i dont feel a click (stuck closed? ), also have power at the p and p/b wire on the head light sensor, when the sensor is unplughed the both shut off. I wish i checked the switch before i shut down for the day but il do that tomorrow. Any ideas what else i should check?

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Offline Frenchy308

Re: High beams always on!
« Reply #1 on: 11:19:19 PM / 20-Jan-17 »
After further investigation, the internal "sled" of the headlight switch broke of and stuck into the high beam position, luckly i had a 90 Nissan Hardbody sitting in the yard and the connector and every thing was the same. unfortunately my headlights do not retract still but they do work. on a separate note Hardbody wiper switch's are not compatible :/