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Author Topic: CA18et to det wiring mk1.5 rev1  (Read 3793 times)

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CA18et to det wiring mk1.5 rev1
« on: 09:48:34 PM / 01-Mar-17 »
So, I am in the middle of pinpointing the wiring and so far this is what I have came up with under the MAF

Grey areas of the diagram that as shown is the wiring diagram from top left to bottom right.
For making a match plug, these are the 4 wires I would use to connect them.

IE: Blue / Red -> Red / Black
Blue -> BLack - Red
Brown -> Red
Light Green -> Black / White

Here is the ECU #'s from the FSM.

I think this point is dead on, as the current guide some how doesn't match the colors on any of the FSM's i have. (mk1.5 rev1 and mk2)

If I am missing something please let me know.
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To make this a bit more complicated,

after revisiting the rewiring of the fuse and relay box, blackwhite and black red are tied together in this list.   

So in theory,

I will tap into the 3 wires, instead of 4.
IE: Blue / Red -> Red / Black
Brown -> Red
Light Green -> Black / White (also Black \ Red )

Red and black was directly connected to the power on the alt before,
Red - directly connected to the main harness that resembles (red black) thick 10 gauge wire.
Black White - connected to a black \ white cable in another thick 10 gauge wire, in the hacked harness.

Checking all over the 1987 ca20e in the FSM and I can't seem to find what these wires do as this seems to be patched in deeper into the body harness.

From the body harness sticking to the B/R, B, and LG is all I really need, just 1 main power and 2 switched sources.
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