Wire harness questions.....

Started by Neil_ski, 01:53:19 AM / 20-Dec-19

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Hey folks!
It's been a minute. How goes it?
Finally made some progress with my engine swap, and finally get to the fun part of trying to start it. I'm fairly certain that I plugged everything in back the way it was. I tried to mark things. However, there are some stragglers that I'm not sure about. Please check out the pics and let me know what they might be.

the car used to be an (88) SE with an automatic transmission. It was converted to a 5-speed around 7  years ago, so some of this might be remnants of the auto trans stuff. The new motor is a vg33 with reground cams and other fun stuff. A modest upgrade 😁.

And I don't even see they could plug in?? For the pic showing a wire bundle with three different plugs, the only one possibility I could think of was the over temp sensor switch on the radiator.

This on was hanging from the dash in the drivers side. What it?? Not for the gauge cluster I'm pretty sure.

This one? Shrug.

Annnnnd this little fella.

Thanks! I did a search but couldn't find anything. (And that totally could be because of my crap ass search vocabulary)