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Author Topic: New TN Member here One (and a half) owner 86 DOHC KA swap Notch  (Read 2350 times)

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Picked up my first S12 after searching for a few months.

Amelia is a 86 notchback, with sunroof digital dash, and the blue tinted mirrors.  She was a one owner car until her owner died, has 264k on the chassis. Guy I bought her from bought it to drift it, put a DOHC  KA in it and then sold it instead, to me!

Planning on wiring the digital dash to work with the KA, going conservative turbo and Origin widebody

I'd post a photo but tbh, none of my photo links are working so, meh

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Re: New TN Member here One (and a half) owner 86 DOHC KA swap Notch
« Reply #1 on: 11:47:22 AM / 11-Jul-17 »
Welcome aboard.  Everything you need to know about your car is here.  The search will be your best friend.  Hope to see pics eventually.
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