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Author Topic: grill swap help  (Read 987 times)

Offline lk1ng04

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grill swap help
« on: 07:03:38 PM / 28-Jul-17 »
i have acquired a replacement grill and corner lights from a donor and wondered if there is a thread or if any one can help on what i may need to pick up as well or alter to make it fit. wanna give the girl a face lift. wanna replace the mk2 straight grill with a mk1 honeycomb grill for my mk2

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Offline ndd

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Re: grill swap help
« Reply #1 on: 04:40:09 PM / 29-Jul-17 »
While I have not done this (I have two mk1) I would guess u need parking lights and grill it should be straight forward if you have the pieces

Offline taktics702

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Re: grill swap help
« Reply #2 on: 06:20:30 AM / 24-Jun-18 »
All I had to do was saw off a few nubs on the bottom of the mk1 grill if i remember correctly.  I ziptied the grill down and zip tied the corned light to the grill because I didn't have the proper screws.  Still works great.