Rattles and noises.....

Started by ndd, 10:44:54 AM / 27-Apr-17

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 :evillaugh: My s12's have rattles and noises associated with age and Michigans  complete shit roads. Both cars have the same thunk in drivers door and the creaking noise on passenger sid dash board near wind shield.  Has any one had the same noises?  I plan on using part of my weekend to find and maybe eliminate a few noises!  Has any one else gone through there s12 and eliminate squeaks and rattles? If so any successes?  Hate rattles ! Love my s12 peace!!!


The only major noise I had was from the rear diff bushing and the cradle bushings. Once I replaced those the car is pretty quite. Just turn the radio up louder.  :tongue2:


Mine is a rattle trap. My dash rattles near the windshield and I know that my passenger side A pillar trim rattles against the dash sometimes. Easy way to stop them is shove folded up paper or a slip of cardboard between them. For the door-related sounds, make sure your hinges are tight by opening the door and picking up on it. It shouldn't have any movement up and down. If the sound is coming from inside the door panel, then your window regulator or window may be loose.
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I may have the same rattle by dash as you I have two of these s12s on notch one hatch and they both have same rattles creeks etc though the hatch has more due to all the old plastic back there and yes I have found doors get noises when window partially down due to degrading window seals but I so love both of my s12s


Yep, very noisy. Generally they get worse the longer I own them.

I wouldn't have developed such a relationship with the cheapest, lightest, rwd coupes I could find if NVH was a top priority.


I've got a trunk rattle, near the windshield rattle, heat shield rattle coming off throttle, and a plastic something that will intermittently *tink* in the center console while turning.

Infrequently driving an s12.


That is why you put in a good stereo system.


Well even with its noises and little vibrations my s12s will always be my favorite cars I've owned my other rides are 96 Tacoma and 99 Camry the Camry is smooth as glass but about as exciting as novacaine to drive Tacoma is near death cause of rust engines in toyotas indestructible