2017 S-Chassis Show

Started by S12_Lifer, 08:08:52 PM / 11-Sep-17

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One of our local boys (Gus) asked me if I wanted to join him to enter our S12's in the S-Chassis show in Anaheim.  I have heard about this show for many years but never attended until last weekend.  I contacted the other guys so we can have as many S12's as possible for this event.  Here are a few pictures. 

The S12 hornets nest was active for our traditional breakfast at my house before the road trip to Anaheim.

This was the first sight I saw when we were about two blocks from the main entrance.  I knew it was going to be a long wait.

After waiting for about 30-40 minutes, we were told the lot is full and we would have to park outside.  Perhaps this was the reason I never came to these shows.  It was free and the venue was quite small.  We did walk in to check out all the 240's.  Unfortunately, not one S12 made it into the show.  I did not take any of my own pictures so I'm posting what was on the S-Chassis website.  Notice the last blue notch in the line up.  After we left, there was one spot available inside.  He immediately drove in and proudly displayed his 85 notch.  He texted me later while we were all eating lunch that he took first place for the S12 category.  Congratulations Drake!

Other 240's that did not make it in the show.

Inside the show.

Once we left the show, we had a great lunch at Pepe's. 

The best experience from this entire show was the t-shirt I saw with an S12!  This was one shirt I could not pass up.

Front view.

Wifey bought this shirt.

Front view.

If any of you are interested in these shirts, here is the website:


This show was not the best experience for me but, having all the guys getting together for the road trip and having lunch together.............priceless.  S12 for Life!


Wow! Looked like a really great show.

I'm pretty sure I have the only S12 in my tri-county area - Not gonna see a collection of twelves like that around here.

That shirt with the S12 isn't up on the site you linked. Probably a limited show run.

Thanks for sharing


I just found out that there are two different websites for the two shirts that I purchased at the show.  The shirt I purchased for wifey is: http://www.jimmyup.com/category/clothing

My shirt is at this website however, you will need to contact them requesting the shirt with the S12 from the 9th Annual SOCAL S-CHASSIS Car Show:  http://socalschassis.bigcartel.com/

Hope this helps.


Glad you guys came out this year. I went last year and it was packed aswell. I couldnt even park inside until towards the end
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Perhaps we can meet up at next years show zilviabrothers.  I was able to speak to a staff member before leaving and he mentioned that next years show will be at another location with more places to park.


Had lots of fun walking around the venue looking at all the other S-chassis cars. I was surprised to see a few girls driving 240's. I'm hoping that next year we can have a better location for the meet. Parking was not the greatest since all of our S12's were sitting outside looking pretty. I gotta say that it would be a tough choice for the judges to pick out the winners from all the 180sx and 240sx that showed up. I think we threw a good after show at Pepe's Restaurant. Where all our S12's could be parked along side  each other.