aluminum radiator options???????

Started by lk1ng04, 12:15:35 AM / 30-Oct-17

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hey s12 community
im in need of getting ideas on what size aluminum radiator i can use for my v6 s12
is there a certain one i can use from another car that can fit because im trying to run
electric fans to free up some space under the hood and more controlled cooling
im aware i will have to find or make some mounting brackets, just need a place to start
thanx s12 gurus
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I ordered one from summit as i needed the lower hose on the other side. Didnt get it in yet, so not sure on fitment.

I just measured mine in the car as best I could as well as using rockauto dimensions.


Let me kno which one and how it fits once u install it
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I could be a while. Its for the motor swap, and im not even close.


A metal tab cracked off the top of my stock radiator last summer from the aftermarket intake tube rubbing against it for years. I moderately searched for another stock replacement at the time. Most of what I found was pretty low quality. I found a semi decent aftermarket one at o'reillys but it didn't mount up properly and I returned it. Can't remember checking rock auto, I've had decent luck there. I ended up taking my stock radiator to a wrecking yard that did radiator repairs and they welded a tiny plate over where the tab was and it was good as new. Frankly I find the stock factory radiator to be pretty solid. All the aftermarket oem replacements I found were plastic versus the factory all metal design.

I can't imagine finding a totally bolt in aftermarket aluminum radiator but like jon said you could probably measure the dimensions and find something close and make it work. Honestly I don't see a need to add an aluminum radiator and e-fans tho (aside from aesthetics). My SE was always completely solid temp wise with the stock radiator and clutch fan even in 90+ degree summer heat. If your wanting to upgrade purely for the aesthetics factor however then you can ignore pretty much my whole post lol.
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The reason I went aluminum is because I could t find an oem radiator with the inlet and outlet offset like the fj requires. I wasnt interested in running a cross-over tube.

The oems rads have always worked well for me, dispite the S12s so-so frontal inlet area. The copper's thermal property is far superior to the aluminum, but its not as strong, which forces the tube thickness smaller. In the end, they work about the same.

I like the idea of an aluminum though. Nothing that thin is easy to weld, but copper will make a killer welder look like a wimp - it'll laugh at your high amps and disperse your puddle making heat through the whole thing.


Good advise i may just keep my oem one installed and swap the clutch fan with an eletric setup to open up some room and free up a bit of energy. Thanx for the input
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I got an original oem one for my ca20 at oem surplus; had tried an aftermarket from rockauto but did not fit well