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Author Topic: original rear decals/stickers  (Read 596 times)

Offline CzechSilvia

original rear decals/stickers
« on: 10:41:46 AM / 31-Dec-17 »
I took some pictures of the original factory rear decals that are on my car and my wife vectorized them so now anyone can have them printed as stickers.

the PDFs with the actual vectorized decals can be downloaded here (the scale is 1:1):

1.8 TURBO - download HERE

The pictures beneath are just for reference

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But what do I know? All I know about cars I learned from youtube...

Offline weitrhino

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Re: original rear decals/stickers
« Reply #1 on: 12:24:02 AM / 01-Jan-18 »
Very cool, and thanks also to your wife

Online iceageg

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Re: original rear decals/stickers
« Reply #2 on: 07:13:05 AM / 02-Jan-18 »
Not sure in Czech, but in the USA it is very easy to find printing places that will make vinyl decals from custom images.  If you struggle to find one there ask again and I can put you in touch with somebody here who can have them printed and ready to ship in a couple days.
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Offline CzechSilvia

Re: original rear decals/stickers
« Reply #3 on: 07:46:37 AM / 02-Jan-18 »
Thanks but I don't think that will be necessary. My wife works in advertising and communicates with printing companies on daily basis. If they don't provide such services for general public, I'm sure she'll be able to work something out through friends she got there.
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But what do I know? All I know about cars I learned from youtube...