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Author Topic: [MI] CA18ET Rebuilt Engine, Manual Trans, New Clutch Kit, other random stuff  (Read 547 times)

Offline aschroeder

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Pics are posted here because I couldn't figure out how to paste them into the box

Looking to sell all this stuff in a package deal for 700 bucks, but price is negotiable.
Parts List:
Complete Engine Block w/ Head, rebuilt by Besnik Engine Design in Clinton, MI.
Engine Gussets
Rear Plate
Manual Trans with new Throwout Bearing, Clutch Cover, Clutch Disc
New Trans Mount (Pioneer Automotive Industries Part # 622488)
Resurfaced Flywheel, New Flywheel Bolts
Throttle Body Gasket
Water Pump Gasket
Intake and Exhaust Gaskets
A bunch of extra gaskets I mistakenly ordered for the engine rebuild
3 turbo housings
Water Pump
and a bunch of other crap that you can have for free

I was looking to put this into my MGB, but installing the engine/trans got to be too difficult/impossible, so I'm cutting my losses and looking to dump all my stuff. I'd like it to be a package deal, but I can part out some of the stuff if that gets this stuff gone quicker

700 bucks for everything, or name a price for a part you want (plus shipping). I can take more pics of individual stuff if you want.
Oh and if you buy everything (700 bucks), I'll deliver it to ya for free if you are within 800 miles of Detroit, MI
I've got some miles to use up on my lease, and (most of the time) a free weekend.

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