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Author Topic: 86 Turbo Build  (Read 5228 times)

Offline babybrother3294

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86 Turbo Build
« on: 10:05:08 PM / 21-Jun-18 »

This thread is to document my build just cuz

My car is a 1986 mk1 turbo

I bought it in Feb 2018 with 126k miles off a local guy on craigslist. It was a pretty well maintained norcal car that belonged to a grandma for most of its life. I was looking for a small car that had performance and daily potential, and something that i could learn the ins and out of a car with. I learned about the s12 when I was looking into s13s and saw it on the wikipedia page and thought it looked amazing.

The plan for the car is to build a fun daily that I can drift or track.

trunk struts blown
drivers door card saggy and trashed
windows r broken
shocks blown
steering rack leaks
3/4 wheel bearings r garbage
right rear ebrake doesnt engage
muffler has rust holes and rattles
interior and exterior bits show age (too much)

First I got fresh windows from a pick n pull and installed them.

dynamatted the doors while i was at it

also repaired the doorcards with epoxy and abs plastic sheet

and wrapped the torn leather vinyl part of the doorcard and rear trim with some fresh stuff

The top of the rear shock is kinda annoying to get to, so I replaced the shocks while the interior was partially stripped. Should have taken more pics of the process, but I went with Koni yellows: sw20 mr2 rear shocks in the front and foxbody mustang rears in the rear.

I ended up having to stack 3 washers and a fat nut at the bottom of the front shock cartridge to get the shocks to fit without any play. any one encounter a similar issue? and how did you handle it? I was under the impression that if I used the rear shocks I wouldnt have to section the cartridge.

Thats all the progress Ive done so far, so the car is doing great as a daily for now. Waiting on Canuck lowering springs, they were out of stock when i placed an order with them about a month ago. I plan to put in fresh wheel bearings this weekend, change the oil and go on a road trip...

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Offline kelso840

Re: 86 Turbo Build
« Reply #1 on: 06:53:39 AM / 22-Jun-18 »
Very nice find. Your interior looks really good.
Infrequently driving an s12.

Offline iceageg

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Re: 86 Turbo Build
« Reply #2 on: 07:47:56 AM / 22-Jun-18 »
Good stuff man.  And welcome to the forums.  Looks like you got a nice clean car there. 
I was afraid all the five gallon buckets of pain stacked four high were going to fall over

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Re: 86 Turbo Build
« Reply #3 on: 09:55:05 PM / 25-Jun-18 »
Good stuff! You are doing well on the interior, great ideas.

Offline babybrother3294

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Re: 86 Turbo Build
« Reply #4 on: 08:18:08 PM / 28-Jun-18 »
Thanks guys, this car is dope

front wheel bearings went in, the hub lock nut wasnt even hand tight when i went to remove it lol. but everything went well. the car runs a bit quieter now after this and the oil change. Rear bearings will happen later cuz i got lazy, and i think i bought the wrong bearings WAT bearings am i supposed to get?

the hubs with bearings pressed in

got a ricer fart can for free! idk how this will sound but it wont rattle like my current muffler

canuck springs came in and I exchanged some s13 brakes for some q45 ones at pick n pull cuz i want to do the s13 coilover set up in the future.

lets gooo

bonus round: the grime that came out of my seats

omamori from taiwan and japan for jdm points

Offline babybrother3294

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Re: 86 Turbo Build
« Reply #5 on: 08:50:03 PM / 09-Jul-18 »
alright here we go

the stock springs next to the canucks

the spring on the strut cartridge

found out the front right shock bounces around in the cartridge a little... ill have to deal with that..soon..
heres the car lowered in the front, drag style

the rears were a lot easier to install, just put on spring compressor on and was able to po the old spring out, the new one was short enough that it was easy to put in without the compressor. I removed the bottom rubber bushing between the spring and the trailing arm cuz it was really old and pretty much crumbled apart anyway (and for that .05mm of low)

the finished install looks way better than stock

check out my friends photostream for the dump of unedited photos from the top of grizzly peak

fire <3

Offline kelso840

Re: 86 Turbo Build
« Reply #6 on: 06:35:54 AM / 10-Jul-18 »
This thing came along quickly. Looking good.
Infrequently driving an s12.

Offline babybrother3294

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Re: 86 Turbo Build
« Reply #7 on: 09:36:25 PM / 06-Aug-18 »
I fixed the issue where the front right shock rattled in the cartridge and...

Got a new steering wheel and shift knob

and I flaked the spacer purple

I also resprayed the windshield wipers flat black


and finally got the windows tinted with ceramic tint. its pricey shit but it blocks out 50% of heat from sunlight.
hatch: 20% rear: 40% front: 80%

This should make the last bit of summer more bearable without ac.

Also doing some paint work on some bicycles. Here's a preview
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Offline babybrother3294

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Re: 86 Turbo Build
« Reply #8 on: 07:15:52 PM / 14-Oct-18 »
Ive tried to fix the door sag three times lol but i think i finally succeeded
but not without shearing a bolt

and I reattached the vinyl to this interior trim piece of the hatch.

AND got some beefier speakers for the rear, they sound a lot better. I'll probably want to swap out the ones in the door soon when I pull off the door card which needs to be repaired again..

Aside from that I've been slowly collecting parts for the s13 front suspension conversion and z31 rear brake conversion

s13 LCAs, adjustable tension rods, 4 lug hubs, and sway bar

A-1 Racing tie rod ends

Silhouette Autosports Rear camber and toe adjust kit

Also picked up a mkii front lip that i plan to retro fit to the mki trim pieces

speaking of the mki trim pieces, one section of mine got ripped off by some shit sitting in the road on the highway. Does anyone have a mki drivers side front of the rear wheel piece ??