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Author Topic: sunroof weatherstripping / seal  (Read 4409 times)

Offline CzechSilvia

sunroof weatherstripping / seal
« on: 02:57:23 PM / 30-Jun-18 »
I tried to replace all the rubber seals/weatherstripping on the manual sunroof of my s12 hatch and it didn't go well. There are 3 rubber seals on the sunroof:

1. the seal that is on the roof of the car itself, the part number of that is 73874-21F00, replacing that was easy.
2. the seal that is on the inside of the glass sunroof that meets with the seal 1., the part number is 73873-13A01. This is supposed to be glued to the glass but the glue is not included. First I tried double sided tape but that didn't work for me, it didn't stick properly to the rubber seal, then I tried to glue it in place with some Pattex contact adhesive, this sticks to both surfaces but I didn't manage to get the seal in the proper position so I'll have to redo this. Also it looks really messy around the seal but that's because I used too much of the stuff. I wonder what glue or tape did they use when they originally put it together.
3. the seal / weatherstripping that's around the glass. The part I ordered is number 73872-01M05 but I'm not sure if it's the right part. It looks the same as the original one but when I put it on the glass it seems to be around 2 or 3 cm too big. I can't get it to fit the glass properly. Has anyone else run into this issue?

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But what do I know? All I know about cars I learned from youtube...

Offline CzechSilvia

Re: sunroof weatherstripping / seal
« Reply #1 on: 12:06:58 PM / 27-Jul-18 »
The work on sunroof is done for now, I'm not 100% satisfied with how it turned out but it's mutch better than it was before.

I ended up cutting almost 4 cm out of the seal n.3 and then gluing it back together with a thin strip of rubber on top of it the strengthen the connection.

I also had to cut small triangular piece out of it in each corner for the sunroof because it tended to crumple, or whatever is the word for it, due to compression force (?) made by the bend... well, it just refused to sit where it was supposed to, really. I did this to the seal n.2 as well.

As for glass-to-rubber adhesive, I ended up using the ultra black silicon gasket stuff for the seal n.3 which takes ages to cure but it keeps the seal where it's supposed to be and it's black. For the n.2 seal I used clear acrylic double sided tape, that was strong enough to keep it in place after I've done the relieve cuts in the corners.
But what do I know? All I know about cars I learned from youtube...

Offline Nick C

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Re: sunroof weatherstripping / seal
« Reply #2 on: 04:46:02 PM / 13-Oct-20 »
I was able to make it work without cutting. Many many people complained about it being too long requiring cuts, and mine was too long as well, but I found that if you install the seal and move along from one end only, it would leave the slack which moves like a worm as you continue to install, however if you stop once you get to that slack, and start putting the seal on the glass on from both sides at the same time until it meets, it fits perfectly, I do not understand the logic behind it but it works. I also used a heat gun on low and rolled out the edges, I got advice from other members who said to use substantial amount of glass silicone and after my first failed attempt, putting more glue made the seal sit wayyyy more flush. Awesome guide, hopefully my tips can supplement this post.