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Author Topic: sunroof weatherstripping / seal  (Read 82 times)

Offline CzechSilvia

sunroof weatherstripping / seal
« on: 02:57:23 PM / 30-Jun-18 »
I tried to replace all the rubber seals/weatherstripping on the manual sunroof of my s12 hatch and it didn't go well. There are 3 rubber seals on the sunroof:

1. the seal that is on the roof of the car itself, the part number of that is 73874-21F00, replacing that was easy.
2. the seal that is on the inside of the glass sunroof that meets with the seal 1., the part number is 73873-13A01. This is supposed to be glued to the glass but the glue is not included. First I tried double sided tape but that didn't work for me, it didn't stick properly to the rubber seal, then I tried to glue it in place with some Pattex contact adhesive, this sticks to both surfaces but I didn't manage to get the seal in the proper position so I'll have to redo this. Also it looks really messy around the seal but that's because I used too much of the stuff. I wonder what glue or tape did they use when they originally put it together.
3. the seal / weatherstripping that's around the glass. The part I ordered is number 73872-01M05 but I'm not sure if it's the right part. It looks the same as the original one but when I put it on the glass it seems to be around 2 or 3 cm too big. I can't get it to fit the glass properly. Has anyone else run into this issue?

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