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Author Topic: ca18et / ca18det power steering pump compatibility  (Read 4950 times)

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ca18et / ca18det power steering pump compatibility
« on: 05:39:40 AM / 15-Jul-18 »
I'm slowly starting to gather information and parts for my CA18DET swap. A while back, there was a discussion in the shoutbox about S13 PS pumps being "high pressure" and S12 ones being "low pressure" resulting in overassisted steering when using S13 PS pump with S12 steering rack. I want to keep my S12 steering rack so that means keeping the low pressure system. I thought about using the S12 PS pump that's currently on the CA18ET but it's Mk1 with the v-belt pulley and I read somewhere that you can't fit a Mk1 PS pump with a S13 pulley because the spline is different, so my questions are:

1. Can I fit a Mk2 PS pump pulley on a Mk1 pump and if yes, is it going to fit the S13 CA18DET properly and will the pulleys line up?
2. Does a Mk2 PS pump fit S13 CA18DET?
3. What's the powersteering setup in your CA18DET swapped S12?

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Re: ca18et / ca18det power steering pump compatibility
« Reply #1 on: 03:27:34 PM / 16-Jul-18 »
following this is a good question.
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