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Author Topic: death wobble a thing?  (Read 2223 times)

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death wobble a thing?
« on: 09:33:30 AM / 29-Aug-18 »
So I have placed new tires / rims on an ca20e with stock suspension (except for canuck springs) The steering was a bit bad before with bigger tires and it was hard to turn but with these tires it's easier to turn
and steering is mich lighter per-se. but At 45+ it's not very smooth, when something in the road sways the car left or right(bad roads) it would create the death wobble effect and if I slow down from 45+

Only think that looks like that needs replacement is the sway bar bushings, but before I do is there anything else I need to check?
wheel bearings are new and the wheel itself is all good.
every other front bushing is solid with no signs of decay and snug.

would swaybar with bad bushing would cause the death wobble effect from speeds?

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Re: death wobble a thing?
« Reply #1 on: 08:13:31 PM / 29-Aug-18 »
Just one improperly balanced wheel is enough to cause this