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Author Topic: [IN] Headlight Stalk, Voice Button, Cluster  (Read 2914 times)

Offline kelso840

[IN] Headlight Stalk, Voice Button, Cluster
« on: 07:40:22 AM / 06-Nov-18 »
My light control knob started spinning freely and no longer turns on the headlights. Looking for a replacement.

I kinda broke the "Voice" switch right next to my handbrake. Looking for a replacement.

Also looking for a 4cyl analog cluster in case my digi can't be resurrected.

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Re: [IN] Headlight Stalk, Voice Button, Cluster
« Reply #1 on: 09:02:44 AM / 15-Nov-18 »
I believe I have an analog cluster in the garage. I've had several, sold some but I think I have another.