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Author Topic: SR20DE Swap Into Early '86 MKI S12  (Read 279 times)

Offline dustins12

SR20DE Swap Into Early '86 MKI S12
« on: 03:47:56 PM / 03-Feb-19 »
Alright, so there's a lot of info on the multiple swaps for our cars, but it's a bit scattered on the forum, and there's a lot of small details that are lacking, but play a huge role in the entire swap. This thread will be used to give a detailed encounter of this specific swap for this specific chassis in great detail. This will be updated as I do my swap. I'm sure this will be helpful in the future.

Car: 1986 MK1(Zenki), CA20E, Automatic Transmission, Hatchback.

Motor: Late S13 SR20DE, 6-Pin Distributor w/Internal Coil (S14), 'V6' Code ECU, 5-Speed Transmission, Wiring Specialties SR20DE Harness for Universal/Standalone (not chassis specific) with Flying Leads.

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