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Author Topic: Comprehensive diff guide  (Read 17718 times)

Offline SoulofNahte

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Comprehensive diff guide
« on: 02:03:12 AM / 05-Jun-19 »
Hello! can someone provide info on what the simplest LSD diff conversion is. since theres no write ups on how to swap any of them or whats needed to swap.

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Offline iceageg

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Re: Comprehensive diff guide
« Reply #1 on: 07:16:46 AM / 05-Jun-19 »
If memory serves, the easiest way is to find an LSD from a turbo Z31 and bolt it directly in.  Then you just need to deal with your driveshafts.  They can be hard to find and pull a premium though when you do.  Most people just weld what they have.

Read through this sticky thread if you have not already.,23480.0.html
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Offline CzechSilvia

Re: Comprehensive diff guide
« Reply #2 on: 03:22:40 AM / 07-Jun-19 »
any aftermarket LSD made to replace the s13 open differential fits in the s12 r200 housing without any modifications. I have Quaife QDF7L in mine
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