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Author Topic: Bushings for Rack & Pinion  (Read 17794 times)

Offline Sanchez36

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Bushings for Rack & Pinion
« on: 10:18:00 PM / 08-Jun-19 »
Looking for bushings that might work best for the S12 Rack & Pinion?
Mine sways a lot and have little control to my steering. When the car drives straight most of the time my steering wheel is turned half way to the right or left. Always feel the Rack & Pinion loose.

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Re: Bushings for Rack & Pinion
« Reply #1 on: 06:03:10 PM / 12-Jun-19 »
Look up Experimental Engineering on Facebook. David Carroll makes these bushings from Delrin, they're spot-on and he's near to producing another run. Knowing someone else wants them can only be a good thing. I've been running a set for about 3 years.