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Author Topic: The story of my Silvia in my tiny little garage  (Read 17947 times)

Offline CzechSilvia

Re: The story of my Silvia in my tiny little garage
« Reply #80 on: 03:36:36 PM / 12-Oct-19 »
It's already been six months since I posted an update so I'll try to remedy that. Unfortunately not much has changed with the car, I had to prioritize my family's housing situation so pretty much all the money I have made in the last six months went into that and it will probably be another year or two untill I'll have some money to spend on the car again but if it all works out as planned, I'll end up with my own double garage instead of that claustrophobia inducing hole that I rent now.

Anyway, here's at least a picture of the serpentine belt conversion I did on that mk1 ca18et that I was talking about the last time.

And I have also upgraded the ignition coils to MSD blaster II somewhere around spring but haven't got around to post about it yet so here's a blurry picture of that.

The car seems to run fine but (and I might be just imagining that) I suspect that some of the coolant goes missing... And there aren't any visible external leaks so the headgasket might be toast. But it might nothing, I remember spilling some coolant from a radiator hose while doing some work on the radiator and fan setup earlier this year, maybe I just didn't top it off then.

Well, while I was thinking about the possible leaking headgasket I thought I might check under the rocker cover and retorque the head bolts, maybe some of them got loose or something and if it's just a tiny leak it might help...

The inside of the cylinder head looks alright but I really had to tighten the head bolts, all of them, about 1/8 of a turn, but now I have a much better torque wrench than the one I used when I put the cylinder head on there 3 years ago, the one I had back then might have been inaccurate.
But what do I know? All I know about cars I learned from youtube...