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Author Topic: Parting out 1984 200sx Barn find LOW MILEAGE and KA24DE Motor (swap unfinished)  (Read 476 times)

Offline Mohamed Nahas

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Don't have time to Finis this project. You can buy the whole thing for $2500 (one Ka24de engine transmission and also the rear bellhousing for 200sx swap already done ) I have every part needed to do the swap . Wiring harness's etc.  Once I start I also have a brand new radiator, crossdrilled rotors (4lug) and motor mounts. Once I start to part the car out it wont make sense to buy it whole. Le :wideeyed2:t me know what you need I can remove it and ship it for a fee. Here it is .

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Offline tgposkitt


I'm looking for the Timing Control Unit (TCU), and a fuse. The TCU should be part number 28550 07F00. The fuse should be part number 25230 C9972. The TCU is located behind the passenger kick panel, and the fuse is between the battery and passenger fender. See attached images. You can ship to my P/O box at Point Roberts at:

Han Zhang
1480 Gulf Road, # 1003-745
Point Roberts, WA 98281-9020

If you are willing to part out the turbo scoop too, let me know.

Han Zhang

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I sent you a private message.

Offline tgposkitt

It has been sold.