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Author Topic: [WA] Seattle - 1985 200SX CA18ET -$300 OBO - SOLD on 4/28  (Read 5565 times)

Offline Nick_W

Hi all,

Been a long time since i have been on here. Had a hell of a time logging in, the lost password function doesn't seem to work. I even tried making a new account under different email, but didn't work either, never received anything in my email. Luckily I found my old password scribbled on a piece of paper in my Attic.

1985 200 SX CA18ET MK1 (thats the square grid taillights?) 140,000 miles on it

Finally going to have to let the old girl go. I always had the dream of fixing the car up, but just never have the time, money, place, or a combo of those 3.  And it has only gotten worse. Way too many projects going on, and the car needs some TLC. I am also about to have surgery and just need it to go. I really don't want to see it end up at the junk yard, and would love if someone in the community bought it as a project or parts car. But If i have to, it will go to the junk yard.  I think I have offered a fair price considering everything that is included.  I owned this car since 2007 and was my Daily Driver off and on again.  I now ride the bus to work, and own several other cars, so it just doesn't make sense to keep it around anymore.  The body is in good shape, except the front hood is a little bent, and the bumper has a tear in it. My ex gf rear ended a pickup truck at about 5mph that had a tow hitch. Damaged the bumper, and the hood. I replaced the bumper core, and have an extra bumper skin and metal piece that runs above it. I also replaced the grill.  Engine had good compression the last time I checked it. I want to say 165 on 3 cylinders, and the last one, near the firewall was 150, but honestly I don't completely remember. 

The car starts right up, but I let it sit for about a year, and last time I tried to move it I couldn't get it into gear. Clutch pedal goes to the floor. Probably the slave/master cylinder would be my guess. But at this point I barely drive anymore and have multiple cars. I can't keep paying for the ever increasing car tabs here in Seattle for a car that just sits.

Aside from that the dash doesn't work right now either. I hit a major pothole on 99 when I was still using it as my DD, and the whole dash went dead. I am going to guess loose harness, I used to be able to hit the dash and it would work (digi-dash) but this time around no go. I was always afraid to take it apart, that I would break it. The dash is actually in really good shape. Odometer stopped working at same time, but I have driven less than 3000 miles on it at tops since then.

Last major issue, the cars tabs are expired. They expired in March of 2017. I'm not sure in Washington if that means you have to buy registration for the previous year? I couldn't find an answer online.

I am also including a number of parts that I have collected over the years for this, and random parts/nuts/bolts that have come off the car.  All of these parts are included in the sale price, if someone doesn't want them. I will keep what they don't want.

I will check back here daily and respond accordingly. You can also email me at 

Give me an offer!  I am very sad to see this car go and don't want it to end up scrap. But it's got to go, and fast.  And as mentioned in Subject - this car does not go into gear will need to be towed.

  • Random Parts Gaskets/Bolts etc off car
    Walbro 190lph internal pump - barely used (less than 3k miles)
    Strut support (not sure what they are called) for the rear trunk/hatchback
    Silicone connectors for charge pipe (turbo) different sizes
    Pair of Disk rotors
    Blitz Blow off Valve
    Hoses, including braided high temp/flame proof aeronautic hose
    SE Skirt - I HAD both skirts and the parts that go around the wheels stored under my parents house. They told me that they were going to bring them down, and all they showed up with was one skirt. UGH.  My fault though. I believe they may still be under their house, and I would be willing to try and find them later for someone if they were interested, but I cannot guarantee that my parents didn't throw them away (which would suprise me as they are pack rats)
    EGR System including the gallery - I removed this off the car awhile back because I believed it was leaking. Seemed like it idled better afterwards, but tradeoff was dumping gas out the exhaust when cold starting - car is old enough no emissions needed even here in Seattle
    Mandrel bend pipe
    extra bumper skins with lip. Also included is the metal part that runs above the bumper (below the grill)
    Extra set of mk1(?) taillights - I replaced these with a pair that didn't have cracking on the lenses. These have some light cracking
    I also have a Sylvia Tag (sticker) to go on the back. It is reflective red. Someone on here used to make them, cannot remember his name. I saw this a few months ago, but not sure where i placed it. I would give it to buyer when/if I can find it.


Bumper Skins & Lip & Metal piece that runs above bumper and below grill

Mandrel Bent Pipe

EGR System and EGR Gallery(off back of engine by the firewall)

SE Side SKirt - I will try and find remaining pieces, had the entire set except the lip

Braided high temp hose and regular hoses

Blitz Blow off valve

Extra set of rotors

Connectors for turbo system, different sizes

Supports/struts for hatchback trunk lift (this is a pair, second one is inside brown tube)

Walbro 190lph internal fuel pump - barely used.  Switched out for an external pump awhile ago

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Congrats! I've never driven an srt-4, however did drive a Turbo PT cruiser, which is amazingly,

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Its like he is playing forza with his life.

Offline kelso840

Re: [WA] Seattle - 1985 200SX CA18ET -$300 OBO - Pickup (needs tow)
« Reply #1 on: 06:25:23 AM / 22-Apr-18 »

Good thing you aren't closer or else I'd be all over this.

Infrequently driving an s12.

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Re: [WA] Seattle - 1985 200SX CA18ET -$300 OBO - Pickup (needs tow)
« Reply #2 on: 10:40:24 AM / 24-Apr-18 »
If you were closer I would be all over this.
Let me know if you would be willing to let go of the side skits after you find all the pieces. Mine are the rubber ones and they are falling apart.

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Re: [WA] Seattle - 1985 200SX CA18ET -$300 OBO - Pickup (needs tow)
« Reply #3 on: 08:37:05 PM / 25-Apr-18 »
If I was closer this would be mine!

Offline Nick_W

Re: [WA] Seattle - 1985 200SX CA18ET -$300 OBO - Pickup (needs tow)
« Reply #4 on: 12:26:12 PM / 28-Apr-18 »
Hey all, I followed people's advice and put it up on facebook. Got dozens of responses and offers. The car is now sold. I hope they have the opportunity to fix it up better than I did.  I'm just glad it didn't goto junkyard.
« Last Edit: 12:26:57 PM / 28-Apr-18 by Nick_W »
Congrats! I've never driven an srt-4, however did drive a Turbo PT cruiser, which is amazingly,

Quote from: Maxpow
Its like he is playing forza with his life.

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Re: [WA] Seattle - 1985 200SX CA18ET -$300 OBO - SOLD on 4/28
« Reply #5 on: 02:17:08 PM / 28-Apr-18 »
Any idea if a member got it? Hope to see it's progress show up here someday