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Started by sideways_s12, 11:45:49 PM / 03-Jul-13

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Club-S12 does not take any responsibility for transactions gone awry. It is the onus of each individual to protect himself/herself from fraud.

The Club-S12 staff will co-operate with any authorities/members that have been a victim of fraud to the full extent of the law. Club-S12 is not obligated to helping you track down and rectify the situation, or being a mediator between the two (or more) parties involved.

By posting within this section, you agree to these terms.

~Club-S12 Staff

If any of the following rules are not met, your thread will be closed (not deleted), and you will be given the appropriate warning. With the warning, we will state what rule you have violated. It is then your responsibility to contact us with missing info as it is needed. If your post was closed for a reason aside from missing info, a moderator will contact you, and let you know what needs to happen for it to be re-opened.

Rule #1: You must include the location of the item you are selling either by declaring it in the post. It needs to be in the front, and using brackets [ ]
--Residents of the United States: Please use the proper two letter state abbreviation in brackets before your title.
For example, if you are trying to sell a set of Headers, and you live in the State of California It should look like this; [CA] VG30E Headers.
--Residents of Canada: Please use your territoriesââ,¬â,,¢ or provinces proper abbreviation, followed by CAN in brackets.
Same example as above, but you live in Alberta Canada; [AB-CAN] VG30E Headers.
--Residents Outside of the US/Canada: Please use your statesââ,¬â,,¢/territoriesââ,¬â,,¢/section (etc) proper abbreviation followed by the correct two or three lettered Country Code. Again, using the header example, but you live In Queensland, Australia; [QLD-AUS] VG30E Headers. It needs to AT LEAST have the American State in it OR the country if outside of USA. If it's in Australia or Canada it needs MORE... the region followed by "Aus" or "Can". I expect these things from USA, Canada and Australia because like the United States, they are large enough to justify it.
--Members Linking to EBay Auctions/Sales: Please use the location of the craigslist ad. If the ad is in Dallas, Tx, then you would still put [TX] in the front of the title. If you want to include "Ebay" in that, go right ahead.
--Members Linking to Craigslist/Other sites: Please use the location of the craigslist ad. If the ad is in Dallas, Tx, then you would still put [TX] in the front of the title. If you want to include "C-list" in that, go right ahead.

You may NOT post multiple listings in one post/thread.

*A special Note: Posts derived from EBay & Craigslist are exempt from rule #2.

Rule #2: You must include a price for the item and declare the currency you wish to be paid in. Some considerations are as follows.
-It is the right of all registered users on this forum to comment about pricing posted in a "for sale" thread. This would include suggestions and even criticism.
-It is also the right of the original poster to comment further on said comments, and in the case of criticism, to defend their prices, or ask why the critic(s) feel the way he or she does.
-Lastly, It can be considered acceptable for debate to take place about the value of items for sale, in dispute or support of the originally posted prices. It is acceptable for prices to be amended by the original poster if they decide to do so.
-However, it is NOT in any way acceptable to insinuate that the original poster is "ripping" people off with their prices, or that they are in any way trying to take advantage of people. You can criticize the prices all you want, but it must be done CIVILLY, and with the expectation that the original poster can (and likely will) respond.
-It is NOT acceptable for the original poster to react in hostility due to criticisms of price that may diminish the value of items for sale. If they feel they are being harassed, they must bring it up LEGITIMATELY to the moderator team.
-It is NOT acceptable for anyone involved in the discussion of prices to intentionally do something to provoke or otherwise attack someone personally. Moving forward from this post, such activity will result in deletion of posts and issuances of warnings on the spot. It is recommended that if you disagree with said pricing, that you talk privately with the selling member via private message, so as not to mislead other potential buyers.
-If at any time the original poster wishes, the thread can be locked or deleted entirely, at the request of the original poster. This would be an official request via the report process. MODERATORS ARE ALSO REQUIRED TO DO THIS if a moderator is the original poster.

A word to the wise: selling things on a forum means you are selling things to the scrutiny of the users, some of who are fair, and some who may not be, or who may not reasonably understand your reasons for pricing and conditions. The comments users make in for sale threads, so long as they are CIVIL, are valid, and the seller must be prepared for the possibility that someone's comments may affect the sale of their items as desired. I feel this more than adequately covers the issue, as well as sets the record straight about what is tolerated, what is not, and what the realistic expectations are for selling items on this forum (or pretty much any forum for that matter).

Rule #3: If a price is listed with "or best offer" (or "OBO" for short), best offers must be submitted PRIVATELY, via e-mail, PM, IM, or whatever. They CAN NOT be posted publicly on the thread. It is acceptable to post "PM sent" or "offer sent" or whatever, so long as no numbers are posted publicly.

Rule #4: You must include details about the shipping arrangements. So, if shipping is extra you must declare that. If you are not willing to ship and the ad is for pickup only, you must declare that as well.

Rule #5: While we do not require that you post a picture of your item(s), it is highly recommended that you do so. If you cannot provide a picture but want to use one from another source on the net, you must declare that the item pictured is not your own, but is similar and you must give credit to whom the photo was originally taken.

Further, if the actual item differs in anyway from the representative picture, you must state what is different. Failing to do so may not only violate club rules & regulations, but local/state/federal as well.

Rule #6: This site is about the S12 as it relates to the S12 series of cars that Nissan made during 1984-88. Please keep that in mind when posting items for sale. We don't mind the odd video game console or what have you, but if you continue to frequently post items for sale that are not in some way S12 related...you can expect to find your posts deleted and/or other repercussions. There are many sites dedicated to selling items on the internet...think EBAY. (This applies only to car parts, if you are trying to sell a complete vehicle; there is no restriction on make or model)

Secondly, certain parts may pertain only to an MKI, or MKII style S12. Further, they may only be for a specific model. Therefore, we ask that IF you know what vehicle model the part pertains to, that you list it as such. However, if you do not know, make certain that you express within your post that you are unaware of its proper fitment. Doing so not only keeps you from being warned, but also will help to sell you product!

Rule #7: Do not post auction style for sale ads here. This forum is not made for that format of selling. If you wish to sell your item in that format you are more then welcome to post a link to your EBay posting on this forum.

Do NOT "bump" your own thread. Only ONE "reminder post" can be created after 30 days have passed since the creation of the original post. The purpose of said "reminder post" is to make people aware that items are still for sale. In the "reminder post", you must RE-list remaining items, with any price revisions. ANYTHING LESS THAN RELISTING ITEMS AND PRICES IS NOT PERMITTED. We will not tolerate any new replies created just for the sake of getting the thread to the top (ttt) of the page. Violating this rule will result in an account warning, and thread deletion.

If you have new information, want to update remaining items for sale, or wish to lock your thread, an addition within less than a month's time is permitted, provided that the first post of the thread also be updated. Should a user be suspected of withholding information for the sake of bumping a thread, not only will the thread be deleted and the account issued a warning, further action may be taken.

Rule #9: The Club-s12 staff at anytime may modify the above rules without consent of its members. All members are expected to adhere to such rules, and the proper order will be followed for disciplining members who do not follow such rules. If you believe your post has been locked/deleted for reasons believed to be unfair, you have the right to protest this decision with ANY member of the moderation team. No bias will be taken, and your request will be handled in a suitable manner.