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Started by Jmac279, 11:06:43 PM / 05-Jul-04

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Here\'s something I hope you can will all use to your benefits.  As you may or may not have noticed, most equipment dies for one simple reason :  Most people push their equipment beyond its limits.  Whether its the amplifier or subwoofer or speakers, clipping is the number one cause of failure that I see.  To prevent clipping, I\'ve made this tutorial (Well, JL Audio did, but I\'ve been doing this for years before they put it on their site).

Okay, before I post the links, there\'s just one problem that I have with the following guide.  It says to use 75% of max volume.  I don\'t agree with this at all because, with some head units, you can crank it up to full without distortion and with others, it may only be 60% ...  To set your gains, use the MAX settings you\'d NORMALLY use ...  If the loudest you listen to your music at on a regular basis is 22/35 with bass @ +3 and treble @ 0 with MX on, by all means use those settings.  Also remember to have the car on ;)  It should also be noted that if you want to use bass boost, set it prior to the gains and use the center frequency of the bass boost (45 Hz for most amps) ...  Please remember that if you have a subwoofer volume control, set it to full before you set the gains on the sub amp ...

Here\'s the formula you\'ll need ...
Sqrt(Power*Resistance) = Voltage
(i.e.  If you bridge a 4 ohm subwoofer to your amplifier that is rated to produce 100 RMS @ 4 ohms in bridged mode, you would want Sqrt(4*100) = 20 volts)

Gain Setting tutorial ...

Test Tones ...

Hopefully, this will all result in greater longevity of your products and cleaner bass.  Some people still insist on cranking the gains after using this tutorial because it\'s \"not as loud as it was.\"  If you choose to do so, you may be putting your equipment at risk.  In the rare case that you find the bass is too much, feel free to turn the gain down.

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Alex Frost

It looks good...8)

I used to set mine to about 65%...before I took the subs out at least...I was always scared that I would blow out the back window. :twisted: 8)
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Quote from: Alex Frost
It looks good...8)

I used to set mine to about 65%...before I took the subs out at least...I was always scared that I would blow out the back window. :twisted: 8)

Thats funny, beacuse when I had my old 200sx hatch I did blow out the seals on my back window 2 times at stereo competions.  the first time was with my 4 10" fosgate power subs.  and the next time was with my PPI 12"s
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I don't get it, whats this for?

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I don't get it, whats this for?

Tuning amplifier and speaker stereo setups so you don't break either of the components through bad settings or component selection.
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