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Author Topic: C L U B - S 1 2 . O R G F O R U M G U I D E L I N E S  (Read 9054 times)

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C L U B - S 1 2 . O R G F O R U M G U I D E L I N E S
« on: 12:11:38 PM / 25-Jan-08 »
The following are the Board Guidelines for this forums. Please read them carefully. If you have any questions about these rules, do not hesitate to ask them in Feedback & Support. All the rules are subject to change without prior notification. Please always remember, it's a privilege to use these forums, NOT a right.

R U L E S & P O L I C I E S

• Please take the time to read the forums description before you start a topic. Starting new topic(s) in the wrong section may result in a verbal / actual warning.
• Use the Search function before you start a new topic. Posting a duplicated thread may earn yourself a verbal warning.
• Read the Pinned threads before starting a new topic. Posting thread(s) about question(s) already answered in Pinned threads will result in an actual warning.
• Stay on topic. If you must talk about a new topic, start your own thread or look for an existing thread that relates to what you have in mind.
• Post a viewer discretion warning if you are posting something that some people might find offensive. (i.e. - adult language, graphic situations ... etc.) This rule also applies to what appears on your user profile, including avatars, signatures.
• No Spamming. This activity wastes precious bandwidth and disk space. This includes, but not limited to, the following:

- Posting with only one word / emoticon.
- Posting nonsense posts.
- Repetitive threads / posts of the same content.
- Repeatedly advertising without actual participation in the forums.
- Overusage of emoticons.
- Quoting too many previous posts.
- Bumping topics without any valid reason(s)

•Moderators reserve the right to edit/move or close any post/thread as they feel is necessary, and as instructed by the Site Admin. If a thread or post of yours has been subject to any of the above and you cant see why, please PM a Moderator whom will advise you. Please refrain from constantly starting new threads regarding this, as it only ends in yet another locked topic!
• Do not double / triple post. Use the EDIT button. Double and Triple (or more) posted topics will result in an actual warning.
• Do NOT unnecessarily "shout" when making a post. All members that shout unnecessarily will receive an actual warning. Shouting is making a post and having all the letters in your post capitalized. "THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF UNNECESSARY SHOUTING IN A POST"
• DO NOT attach random images in your posts. This activity will waste our disk space. If you want a signature, please do so in My Controls.
• No discriminatory / hatred posts pertaining to anything that affects others' cultures. (i.e. - religion, race, values, beliefs ... etc.)
• No posting of illegal material, including links to pirated/hacked softwares, copywrited music and video, etc.
• Respect all board members including moderators and admins. Violation of this rule includes provocation of members into flame wars by means of direct insults and name-calling. Resolve your issues privately or communicate them properly if you must post them on the boards for the community to witness. Violation of any of these rules will result in an actual warning
• New members who come to the boards for the sole purpose of antagonizing / harassing members, both privately and publicly, will be banned outright.
•Personal Attacks will NOT be tolerated
•Replying to offensive/flammatory posts makes you just as guilty
•Posting is a privilege, and not your right.
•"Vigilante Moderating" will not be tolerated, Please use the Report button on problem posts to alert the actual moderators:

-"Vigilante Moderating" is when regular users act like moderators and attempt in some way to enforce the rules on their own

• You agree to have only one account at any given time. If found having more than one account, you'll be given the option to pick an account. The rest of the accounts you have in possession will be banned.
• Clarification: If you are banned and trying to come back in another account, you will be banned without any questions if we find out.


Here is how the system works:

There is a little warning bar under each user's post. If you violate the rules / policies, one of the moderators will give you a verbal warning on the first offence. If you continue to violate the rules / policies regardless of the verbal warning, you'll receive an actual warning. You are allowed to have a total of three (3) warnings. (although there are five (5) little blocks on the warning bar.) When you receive your third warning, you'll be permanently banned from the forums. (IP, Email and Name ban)

Warn Levels:
• Verbal Warning - You'll get this from one of the moderators if you repeatedly violate the rules / policies.
• First Warning (33%) - You'll receive the first warning if you ignored the verbal warning and continue to break the rules / policies. Your username is now on the blacklist.
• Second Warning (67%) - This is also known as the last warning. You get the second warning if you continue to break the rules and regulations.
• Third Warning (100%) - As stated above, you will be banned when you receive the third warning. At this point, you will not be able to access the forums.
Note: You can click on the percentage link for your warning logs. The log shows you when, why, and who warned you.
• Clarification: If your warning level is not above 0% then you have NOT been warned. You may only see your own warning levels, but you are not the only one who has it. If you think you are warned unjustly, please contact the moderator who gave you the warning via PM or Email. If you and the moderator can not come to a settlement, contact one of the admins as soon as possible. The admin will make or change any and/or all final decisions. If you think you are unjustly banned, please contact an admin as soon as possible and provide reason(s) why you should be unbanned.
• Club-S12 reserves the right to ban/alter/remove any user account without warning.

Warning Level Restart:
It is possible to restart or decrease your warning level. Depending on the situation, sometimes you'll have to wait 30 - 60 days to have your warning level decreased, that is assuming you can maintain your behavior during that period of time.

Ban Lift
If a banned member desires to re-enter the boards and re-join the community, he / she needs to submit a request to the Administrator(s) via either the PM system, or, if they are completely locked out, the admin email address, available off of the main page.

1) A private message must be sent to Arro or Xano, or an e-mail can be sent to The member in question must present his/her case in a formal and respectful manner. Any appeals that contain any form of disrespect will be ignored completely.
2) The member in question should say why he/she should be let back into the club to the best of his/her ability.
3) The staff will review the appeal in the moderator discussion area, and decide if the individual will have the ban status revoked or not.

Banned users -- Indefinite bans
If a user is banned indefinitely, while they remain banned, a member CANNOT post content on their behalf, nor can they link to content on other forums where the banned user maintains posts or web material. This includes signature content, such as links to specific articles or threads elsewhere about the banned user. If Club-S12 were to allow these practices, it would ultimately defeat the purpose of a ban. Doing these things may result in a warning, and repeated offenses of this kind may result in a temporary or indefinite ban. Also, all such content will be removed without exception.

Posting feedback for banned members is also considered posting content on behalf of the banned person and is against the rules.

A V A T A R S & S I G N A T U R E S

Please comply with the following restrictions for your avatar and signature:

• Max. file size limit for avatar is 100KB (102,400 bytes). The physical size of avatars must not exceed 150px x 150px.
• Max. file size limit for signature images is 150KB (153,600 bytes) each. However, the combined file size of all the images must not exceed 250kb (256, 000 bytes). The physical size of signature images must not exceed 600px (width) x 200px (height) (please look below for maximum complete signature limitations)

• Do not post anything obscene in your avatar and/or signature.
• Max. dimension for signature is 350pixel (height) measured from the bottom of the bottom line, to the top of the red border. You will NOT be informed if your signature exceeds the max. dimension mentioned above. Your signature will be completely removed regardless of the situation.
Clarification: If your avatar / signature exceeds the max. limit, it will be removed completely without any notice. And as a result, you will receive an actual warning. Please take this seriously. An example of the maximum signature height:

• There is no limit on the number of graphics you can have in your signature, but they must be equal or less than the max. dimension and the max. file size limit.
• You are allowed to advertise your site and/or forums in your avatar / signature. However, excessive advertising will not be tolerated, please keep it short and to the point.
• As previously mentioned, please DO NOT attach random images or posting the same images repeatedly in your post. Violators will be given an actual warning.


The Club-S12 Staff consists of Administrators and Super Moderators with different level of authorities. Here is the hierarchy:

• Admin - The highest authorities on the forums. They are the owners of the club who govern the entire forums and website. Their duties include forum backup, website updating, resolving issues betweed Super Mods and Members, working in the background to improve the club, and most importantly, keeping the club up and running.
• Super Moderator - The second highest authorities on these forums. They also administrate the entire forums with the exception that they can not access the Administration Control Panel. Super Moderators are responsible for keeping the forums neat and tidy, resolving any issues between all members, and also helping to keep the community going strong.


There are different member titles as your post count change:
• Group: Members

0 Posts - S12 Noob
30 Posts- S12 Driver
600 Posts - S12 Master
900 Posts - S12 Specialist

As a member, you have the privilege to upload a total of 250KB of images an attachment to your posts(you can remove images in your attachment manager if you need more space). You have a total of 50 storable messages (Private Messages). You can also start new topics / polls; vote in polls; and add events to the calendar.

• Group: True S12 Enthusiast
1500 Posts - True S12 Enthusiast (default title if you do not wish to have a custom title.)

As a True S12 Enthusiast, you have all the privileges a normal member has. The advantage of becoming an advanced member is you can upload a total of 500KB of images attachments to your posts(you can remove images in your attachment manager if you need more space). You have a total of 75 storable messages (Private Messages). You can edit your own topic title and description, change your own custom title, and have a 10 second flood control(normal is 30 seconds).
There is no limit to how frequently you change your custom title. However, the content in your custom title must comply with the rules / polices stated above.
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